By: CoachTCP, The Career Professional: Travis C. Patterson – Author of CoachTCP’s Playbook To Getting An Interview In 24 Hours Or LESS. The Instant Interview Success System. 

Resume SEO
Ever heard of Resume SEO? This is not a common term, in fact, very little people have spoken these words together. Resume Search Engine Optimization is the Super Tool to drive employers to find you.

Now, what is resume search engine optimization?
Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing or increasing the visibility of content through search engines. How Resume SEO helps you is easy, think about the last time you looked something up on Google. You put in a keyword and everything about that thing popped up, right? And more than likely you click on the one out of a millionth item that has the best headline. Right? See what happens when you Google CoachTCP. EVERYTHING ABOUT ME and 500 other sites will come up. How to be sure that it worked? Look for Travis C. Patterson.

So think of that same method with your resume. Make sure that your resume has useful and relevant keywords and terms all throughout your resume. Make sure you have an eye-catching headline what would make you stand out compared to the rest. If you can use relevant hyperlinks, like LinkedIn or an online portfolio or even a video cover letter, available at that you may include on demand by clicking.
Make sure that your social media profiles are clean, and the content that you want to be found is relevant or improves the perception of how you want to be viewed. If you are self-convinced on posting what you want regardless of employers searching you, than you can change your name so he or she doesn’t find you so easily.

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