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Wednesday, January 27 , 2016


No kids, No wife yet. Four sisters, Angie, Linda, Karen & Paula, and
mother, Bettie.

Current company, position, and job responsibilities
Wilson Resume Writers, CEO: Career Coach, Speaker – Author – Resume
Writer. Interview, consult and guide resume clients to transition from
applicants to becoming candidates for qualifying job openings. Based
on career consultations with resume clients, I write effective resumes
and create easily found LinkedIn profiles. Build relationships between
employers and candidates; connect clients & companies with referrals.
Generate job leads & relationships by social media networking, career
fairs, cold and canvas calling. Teach classes, and coach community
groups on career development and interview skills.

What do you like best about what you do?
My favorite part of my day is when clients or potential clients contact
me to advise that he or she has gained employment and/or an interview
based on coaching or services received. My biggest driver is helping
people help themselves with their goals.

What other organizations are you a part of?
Human Relations Commission (City of Wilson) Renee Smith Human
Relations Director; The Arc of Wilson County: (Board Member) Michael
Stanford Executive Director; Wilson Chamber of Commerce (Member,
Ambassador, Dynamic Leadership Program) President Ryan Simons;
C.L.A.S.S. : Community Leaders Ascending Substantial Success: (Officer)
(founded by Dr. Rusty Stephens) Wilson Community College’s previous
President & Councilman Derrick Creech; Society of Human Resources
Management (SHRM Member): Henry G. Jackson, CEO; US Chamber
of Commerce, (Member); Man Up University, (Mentor, Big Brother) Rod
Edwards Founder & President.

What are you doing to help make a difference in our community?
Two years ago, I set out on a journey to make our community more
prepared and knowledgeable about the interviewing process. Being an
advocate of the workforce for over 5 years, I have acquired techniques
and methods to prepare a better interviewing experience for both,
citizens and businesses. These proven techniques can be found in
my new book, CoachTCP’s Playbook To Getting An Interview In 24
Hours or LESS! When I am not talking about etiquette and resumes, I
mentor young people to be more knowledgeable about life, spirituality,
government, entrepreneurship, and being in control of their own futures
with a group called Man Up University. I get a kick out of helping people
help themselves and helping people reach their goals.

What do you like best about working/living in Wilson?
Working in Wilson has given me a great feeling of creativity and
opportunity. I have found opportunity to be who I was designed
to be, and manifest close knit relationships within multiple
communities inside Wilson. Wilson was established 167 years
ago, on January 29, 1849. We are a young city compared to
other “big” cities in our state, but with youth and leadership we
find perspective of how we can build forward our “not yet big”
home. Living in Wilson is convenient, because of the access to
the highways and roads. I love to travel to different cities, states
and beaches with Highways 264, 301, 117, 97, 58, 42, 64, 91 and
Interstates 95 & 795. With low cost in living and easy access to
food, entertainment, and sightseeing being all around us, Wilson,
being In The Middle of Everything is a great place to live.

Who has been the most inspirational figure to you? Why?
My Mother, Bettie J. Swinson Patterson. As an adult, I recently
became friends with my mom after the passing of my dad.
Learning her as a person and not only as my mother has been eyeopening.
My mother was an orphan, and it is often thought that
orphans are unloved, but with my mother that is incorrect. She
has so much love inside of her that when she is around complete
strangers, little babies, teens, and adults tend to gravitate or just
walk up to her and just seem as if they have known each other for
a lifetime. I have witnessed this almost unexplainable experience
in several states, and she is loved everywhere she is. I choose to
love everyone the way she loves because it comes back around
when you least expect it.

What is your favorite book?
The book of Proverbs, inside of The Holy Bible.
What is your favorite movie?
Back To The Future (All 3)
If there were one quote/saying that summed up your life, what
would it be?
“The work we do when no one is looking is what’s going to show
when everyone is watching.” -CoachTCP

What is your biggest hope for the future of Wilson?
I hope and pray that all people take ownership of making this
city all that it positively can be. Someone can be reason we have
another tall building to look up to.

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CoachTCP: Travis C. Patterson, Wilson Resume Writers

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