sarah-furay.pngSarah Furay (c. 1996- ) is an American drug dealer from College Station, Texas. On November 9th 2015, the police searched her home and found:

  • 31.5 grams of packaged cocaine,
  • 126 grams of high-grade marijuana,
  • 29 tablets of Ecstasy,
  • 60 doses of 25c NBOME (a drug like LSD),
  • an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine,
  • two digital scales,
  • packaging materials,
  • a handwritten list of drug prices,
  • text messages on her phone about drug deals.

She could face up to 215 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

Despita all that, she was smiling in her mugshot (pictured above).

Despite all that, she easily made bail and got out of jail.

Despite all that, the press said she had:

  • a “photogenic smile”,
  • “the happiest mugshot in America”,
  • the “jolliest in recent history”, and
  • “an entrepreneurial approach to avoiding student loan debt.”

Even though she is 19, neither the Daily BeastnorRaw Story

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