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5 Proven Ways To Increase Job Callbacks5 Proven Ways To Increase Job Callbacks
by CoachTCP, The Career Professional: Travis C. Patterson

  1. Sell Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Your job at this point is to get a job. It is an 8-12 hour day and you have your agenda. You may have a career coach, like myself CoachTCP or even better a daughter that pushes you to make more money and less excuses. When you set a goal as large as getting a job, you will need to have an accountability system. For some of us, we have children that need us so they can survive; or even parents that we take care of that may need food or medication. Having a close family member or friend that will check up on you is key because you need a supervisor now that your job is to get a job.

  1. Don’t Be A Pest, But Be…

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