5 Proven Ways To Increase Job Callbacks5 Proven Ways To Increase Job Callbacks
by CoachTCP, The Career Professional: Travis C. Patterson

  1. Sell Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Your job at this point is to get a job. It is an 8-12 hour day and you have your agenda. You may have a career coach, like myself CoachTCP or even better a daughter that pushes you to make more money and less excuses. When you set a goal as large as getting a job, you will need to have an accountability system. For some of us, we have children that need us so they can survive; or even parents that we take care of that may need food or medication. Having a close family member or friend that will check up on you is key because you need a supervisor now that your job is to get a job.

  1. Don’t Be A Pest, But Be Persistent

Have you ever been on a date when you originally didn’t have any intentions on going out with this person? More than likely 1 of 2 things happen for this to occur. 1, this person was present during or after the break up. 2, this person was the reason and the cause the relationship didn’t work. Either way you need to be in position to receive your opportunity. This is a sales system that works when used correctly.

A. Mark and Research your target.
B. Assess the needs of your target. (past, current and future)
C. Based on how bad your target employer needs your talent, acknowledge the problem that they have, or the need that they have and offer the solution.
D. Prepare for a No, with a counter solution (reword the original solution) {THINK ABOUT THE LAST TIME YOU WERE SOLD CABLE from Suddenlink or Time Warner}
E. Send a Thank You Letter (Call, Email, Mail, or an old fashion drop by) to advise overall interest in the company.
F. Make sure the employer remembers you (the solution) when the problem comes back around.

3. Be Confidant

If you don’t believe in your talent, skills, or work ethic than why would your potential employer believe in you. When you speak to the HR Manager or Recruiter make sure you speak with purpose and confidence. The words “Kinda, Maybe, Could, Probably, likely, or almost” don’t have a place in the conversation when speaking to decision makers. Be direct, but most importantly, treat them like people that put their pants OR skirt on the same way you do. Treat yourself as if you are destined to be where you need to be. Treat yourself like you are a VIP, Very Important Person. You are the boss, CEO and Manager over your own life. And to take it one more step further to build confidence, the Founder of your life is your God. You have purpose. Use it.


  1. Let Your Resume Work For You

Having a great resume is like having a great website. You open the google search engine or you ask Siri to find a local printing shop. Based on the wording being used, Staples may come up or Anita Marketing Concepts. From that experience, the words PRINTING and LOCAL pulled up these companies. Now think about how recruiters look for talent. OK Google or Siri, “Find the best candidate for Truck, Tractor, and Delivery Driver Positions in North Carolina”.

The top 50 candidates pull up based on your words: BEST, TRUCK, TRACTOR, and DELIVERY DRIVER. What words power words do you use? And How far down the list did your resume come up?

I suggest letting a professional optimize and write your resume like Wilson Resume Writers. It doesn’t matter what state or city you are located in, you can talk to a REAL PERSON and receive your resume back as soon as same day.

  1. Know Your Audience

Think of yourself as “The Product”. What is your worth and value. If you were a restaurant… Who are the hungry that have an appetite for your talent? There are great resources available for you get the connection or foot in door faster. A referral would be a strong way to go to gain favor. Using LinkedIn to research your target company and hiring manager is a method that one of the successful resume writers at Wilson Resume Writers advised on the Facebook page advised. Make sure you apply for the right position and that you are in the right industry. It is understandable to think that you can do anything, but do the best thing that you do. Normal people don’t think about Wendy’s, Cupcake Dream or McDonalds when it comes to buying a really juicy steak.

I hope this helps you as much as it helps me. These are just a few ways that I use to reassure that people get the job that they want. If you have any additional ways, feel free to share them down below in the comment box. I would be very interested to hear what you have. Do you have any take aways from this article? Share your thoughts about how this can help you tomorrow.

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