The hardest part of a job search is getting the interview. Once you’re in the door at a job interview, your chances of getting the job dramatically rises. I would like to think that the ultimate promotion in your relationship is actually getting married. Some people would disagree with that opinion very much, but nevertheless you don’t normally get the job without the dating (Interviewing) Process.

Admit it, when you are on the way to a job interview, you more than likely didn’t research your interviewer. I would like to call this kind of Interview a Blind Date. You meet a friend/ staffing agency and he or she sets you up on a blind date because he or she feel you both were made for each other. It is always going to be about chemistry in this type of situation.

  1. Did you “Google” Him or Her?
  2. Did you dress appropriately?
  3. How is your Hygiene?
  4. Did you get Fresh Roses or Resume?
  5. Is it a panel Interview/ group date?
  6. Are you truly ready to listen to Him or Her actively so you can respond accordingly?
  7. Make sure you realize that this date is for the opposite person to get to know you also.
  8. Did you bring really good questions to appear interested in more than just (Benefits) or (Pay)
  9. Are you at this date for practice or are you actually prepared for the likelihood of a second date?
  10. Are they actually hiring or just shopping around?

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of
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